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Tips for Boarding Your Dog

September 15, 2019

Will you be traveling soon? If so, it’s probably safe to say that your canine buddy would love to go with you. However, boarding is often a better option for Fido, especially if you will be flying and/or leaving the country. You’ll be able to focus on your trip, while knowing your pooch is healthy, happy, and in great care. In this article, a Coatesville, PA vet discusses boarding dogs.

Choose The Right Kennel

Picking the right kennel is very important. You don’t want to leave your furry best friend with just anyone! Check reviews, and ask your vet for recommendations.

Pack Well

Find out what you should and shouldn’t pack for Fido. Some kennels allow you to bring toys and bedding, while others prefer to use their own things. Include a few days’ extra of things like food and medicine.

Ask About Perks

Remember to ask about perks and add-ons. For instance, you may be able to have Fido groomed while you’re gone. It’s always great to come home to cuddles from a fresh, clean dog!

Confirm Schedules

Make sure you know what time the kennel is open for drop-offs and pickups. You don’t want to realize at the last minute that you can’t drop Fido off on your way to the airport! Speaking of schedules, find out what your canine pal’s routine will be for meals, walks, and playtime. If it’s very different from his normal schedule, start getting him adjusted early.

Give Instructions Clearly

Does your four-legged friend have any quirks or special care needs? Give instructions clearly, both verbally and in writing. The kennel staff may chuckle at stories about how Fido lets the cat bully him, but it’s more important for them to know that he’s allergic to wheat.


It’s never easy to leave our furry companions behind, especially when they have that sad, why-are-you-leaving-me look on their faces. However, long, drawn-out goodbyes will only make things harder for both you and Fido. Keep drop-offs short and sweet.

Contact Information

Make sure the kennel has the correct contact information for you, as well as a backup contact in case you can’t be reached. You may also want to confirm whether you will be contacted in emergencies, or for minor questions that may pop up.

Do you need to board your pet? Contact us, your Coatesville, PA vet clinic, today!

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