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Choosing Bird Toys

November 01, 2019

Do you have a pet bird? Polly is very cute and lovable, and she can brighten up any household with her adorable antics and charming vocalizations. One thing that is very important for your feathered buddy’s health and happiness is making sure she has plenty of toys. Read on for some tips from a Downingtown, PA vet on choosing your bird’s playthings.


Your winged pal will need some toys that she can safely chew on. Make sure to only buy things that are made from non-toxic materials. It’s generally best to avoid toys made overseas, as not all countries have strict regulations for pet products.

Comfort Toys

Birds are very sociable by nature, as they often live in flocks in the wild. Polly can get lonely if she spends too much time by herself! Your feathered friend may enjoy some cuddle toys that she can preen and snuggle up to.

Exercise Toys

Birds need proper exercise to stay healthy, just like people do. Look for toys that encourage physical activity, like swings and bungee cords. Foot toys can also be a great choice, as they will both amuse your cute pet and give her a great foot workout.

DIY Toys

Store-bought toys are great, but Polly will also enjoy homemade ones. You can make lots of fun bird toys out of things like popsicle sticks, plastic bottlecaps, playing cards, plastic shower curtain rings, poker chips, and/or small boxes.

Puzzle Toys

Our feathered pals are very curious. If Polly is constantly untying knots, dumping out boxes, or generally investigating everything in range, get her some puzzle toys. Trick toys and foraging toys are also good choices for feisty birds.


Your colorful pal should never have just one toy to amuse herself with. We recommend giving Polly about 5 toys at a time. Change these out regularly to keep things fun for her. Also, inspect your bird’s toys whenever you clean or change them.


Make sure your winged friend can’t get caught or entangled in her toy. Some rope toys, for instance, can be dangerous for this reason. Never give Polly anything small or sharp. Items covered in varnish, paint, or dye are also unsafe. Ask your vet for more information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, your Downingtown, PA vet clinic, for all your bird’s veterinary care needs. We’re dedicated to offering great care!

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