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Senior Dog Care

March 01, 2020

Have you noticed your dog slowing down lately? Is Fido more interested in naps than chasing squirrels? Fido’s senior years are a very special time. Older dogs often get super sweet and affectionate. They’ve also outgrown many bad habits, and just want to spend time with their humans, collecting belly rubs and ear scritches. However, your canine buddy will benefit from some extra TLC in his golden years. Read on as a Downingtown, PA vet offers some tips on caring for your aging pet.


While you don’t want to overexert your dog, you don’t want to let become a complete couch potato, either. Fido will still need at least a daily walk. Let him pick the pace, and bring him in when he starts to look tired.


Good nutrition is crucial to your senior dog’s health and well-being. Portion control is very important here. Older dogs gain weight easily, so even overfeeding your pooch by a little bit can cause him to gain weight. Your vet may also recommend supplements, such as fish oil or glucosamine.

Veterinary Care

Your furry friend will benefit from more frequent visits as he grows older. It’s important to stay on top of any developing medical issues. The sooner a problem is diagnosed and treated, the better! At home, watch for signs of illness. Call your vet immediately if you notice anything amiss.


Your canine companion may not be as frisky as he once was, but he’ll still enjoy letting his inner puppy out. Look for toys made specifically for senior dogs. Some of these are softer on Fido’s mouth, while others may light up or make noise. Just don’t encourage your pooch to jump or stand on his back legs. This is bad for his hips and joints!


Small touches can really go a long way towards keeping your four-legged pal comfy and content. Orthopedic beds are great for senior dogs, because they offer extra support. Fido may also need pet ramps or stairs to help him get around. Elevated dishes are also beneficial.


Last but not least, pay lots of attention to Fido, and savor those quiet moments. The time we have to spend with our furry best friends often passes far too quickly!

As your Downingtown, PA vet clinic, we are dedicated to keeping your senior dog healthy and happy. Please contact us anytime!

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