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Senior Dog Care

March 01, 2020

Have you noticed your dog slowing down lately? Is Fido more interested in naps than chasing squirrels? Fido’s senior years are a very special time. Older dogs often get super sweet and affectionate. They’ve also outgrown many bad habits, and just want to spend time with their humans, collecting belly rubs and ear scritches. However, your canine buddy will benefit from some extra TLC in his golden years. Read on as a Downingtown, PA vet offers … Read More »

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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

February 01, 2020

February is Pet Dental Health Month. This topic definitely could use some more exposure! Dental issues are very common in our canine buddies, and can be extremely painful and dangerous. Unfortunately, many people overlook this aspect of dog care. We can help! Here, a Downingtown, PA vet lists some ways to keep your pup’s teeth healthy. Brushing Brushing is the best way to remove plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth. This is just as … Read More »

Tips For Walking Your Dog In Winter

December 15, 2019

Does your canine buddy enjoy cold weather? If you have a snow dog, like a husky, the answer may very well be yes. However, if your pooch has thinner fur, he may not be very fond of snow and cold. Regardless of Fido’s opinion on the matter, he’ll still need to go outdoors this winter, both for sanitary purposes and for exercise. Read on as a local Downingtown, PA vet offers advice on walking your … Read More »

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Tips for Boarding Your Dog

September 15, 2019

Will you be traveling soon? If so, it’s probably safe to say that your canine buddy would love to go with you. However, boarding is often a better option for Fido, especially if you will be flying and/or leaving the country. You’ll be able to focus on your trip, while knowing your pooch is healthy, happy, and in great care. In this article, a Coatesville, PA vet discusses boarding dogs. Choose The Right Kennel Picking … Read More »

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